About Us

Rebel3Films is an independent production company based out of Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in the production of Television and Film content that is geared towards online streaming services. Our mission is to empower artists to find their voice using whatever means necessary. Big budgets and fancy equipment aren’t always necessary to tell an amazing story, it's the people behind the story that make the difference. Through strong collaboration and stretching low budgets to their breaking points, we have been able to produce quality content that can compete on any level. At Rebel3Films we truly believe that great stories can make an impact on any scale. We are a diverse team of hardworking men and women that give it their all in order to prove that true artistic expression has no limit.

Dare to be an artist, Dare to be a rebel!

The Team
Vishnu Prasad

Writer. Director. Producer

David White

Writer. Director. Producer 

Paulina Simkin

Producer. Actress. Casting Director

Jonathan Abrado

 Actor. Producer

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